Barbara Meneley




city wide participatory installation, Regina SK
Isabel Johnson Shelter Artist in Residence Project


Women and children protecting themselves from domestic voilence guard their safety with a careful balance of secrecy and privacy. Safe houses are watched, locked and security cameras are in place. This is what it takes for people to be safe. Outside those private places nothing is guaranteed.

  The public display of artworks created by people sheltering from domestic violence builds a bridge between public and private space. In creatng this connection we extend awareness of domestic violence issues beyond the physical confines of our shelters and suggest that everyone has a role in making all spaces safe.

  In the weeks leading up to International Women's Day 2010 participants from Regina domestic violence residence and outreach programs create ie lanterns for display in Regina's public spaces. City businesses, residents and public organizations were invited to become "lantern hosts," providing safe, secure and public installation sites for the ice lanterns. For International Women's Day each host creates a symbolic place of safety by caring for the lantern and the light it contains.

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